How To Become Bare!

Most people, once they’re taught how to dress themselves into clothes, know how to remove them. They do not need an extended lesson and practice in how to take off clothes and become bare. Practically all of us are born with the ability to perform this task and usually are able to perform it without the need of practice and supervision. There is a purpose in publishing this post here today. I’ll explain that purpose after the details on how to become bare. 

For those who are unable to comprehend how to do this, there is a chart that demonstrates the essential aspect of nudity: lack of clothes. There are many reasons for enjoying nudity. The feeling as the fresh air, especially if outdoors, envelops your skin is truly exceptional and remarkable. Being outside in nature is a very liberating experience. If indoors with others bare, the sense of camaraderie and fellowship is simply rewarding and encourages the development of new friendships.

The chart follows this introduction below:


The illustrative chart hopefully clarifies this point without any additional questions. In order to provide any extra information that a few may need on this topic, I offer the following gif. images to deliver to all additional enlightenment.





If even further explanation is required, I suggest asking a family member or a friend to help you strip out of your clothes. Once they’re totally off – completely – you’ll immediately feel the comfort and delight in being totally bare! If you’re self conscious or very uncomfortable, then perhaps you should at least put your underwear back on!

Being clothes free just may not be for you at this particular moment. Once your comfort level increases, we all who are already bare practitioners (naturists or nudists) will welcome your return to our community!


The general purpose of this posting here on ReNude Pride today is to encourage all readers and those visiting here to participate in the Bottoms-Up! Booty-full of Pride! post scheduled here for publication on August 31, 2019. The guidelines and instructions on how to submit your photo are fully explained in the last post for the month of July, 2019. Click the title here, Bottoms-Up! End of July, 2019. Clicking the title will link you directly to the blog post.

I have posted announcements of this reader-viewer promotion this entire summer. This entry is to encourage followers and readers to participate as well as providing a gentle reminder of Saturday’s deadline.

All photographic entries will remain anonymous. The city and state/province of each submission is all that is published with each image. This is a unique opportunity for everyone who is currently a bare practitioner (naturist or nudist) to confidentially share their nude buttocks to others without any concern or fear. A fun way to celebrate clothes freedom for one and all!


There is almost no anatomical difference in the buttocks of men and women. Many individuals who don’t profess any type of preference for being bare (nude) or textile (clothes wearing) have little or no modesty over their buttocks. Bare yours and email your photo today! The deadline for photographs to be included is this upcoming Saturday, August 10, 2019!

I hope to receive your photograph of buttocks before Saturday!

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride










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A same gender loving (gay) bare practitioner (nudist) who invites you to explore my blog. At times I may appear irreverent but I am in no way irrelevant!

11 thoughts on “How To Become Bare!”

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  2. The diagram showing one how to be a nudist — May sound ho-hum to us fellow nudists — But this would be great to post on FB or sites that don’t particularly cater to nudist per se — and might be nice way to remind the who are on the edge of doing so or haven’t a clue — It might just open that hole they closed a long time ag and could suddenly discover that empty thought long forgotten ! Doncha all agree !
    Naked Johnny

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  3. If any one is on VIMEO (signing up is easy) — This below is a video under the fellows name of ‘Urban Nudist’ and video is called “Walking Nude In Berlin Streets” — Something we should all do on Nation Nude Beach Day — just for starters.
    Naked Johnny


  4. *Oh, well there you have it . . I didn’t realize it would show up ! Enjoy this guys naked walk, on VIMEO he naked on subways, on streets in Geece, night walks in Berlin thru night life areas, and so on . . this nudist is a ‘public naked walker’ for sure . . .

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