August Play Day!

August of every year has the distinction of being the very last full month of the summer season in the Northern Hemisphere. The transition from Summer into Autumn occurs during the month of September. This somewhat depressing and mundane notoriety for a month of an otherwise happy and joyous season is very deserving of a “special” day to guarantee its continued popularity with all the masses of those living north of the Equator.


In my mind, nothing would be more fitting than the designation of a set day in August, annually, as August Play Day. A day for all of us to gather at a public beach, strip off all of our clothing and to skinny-dip, play sports and/or games, socialize and to frolic completely clothes free for at least the remainder of the day. A day for us all to celebrate without clothes, without inhibitions and without shame!

For those who live too far from the coast, a visit to a local public lake or pool could offer an acceptable alternative plan. The suggested activities could be adapted for the different environment, if necessary. Most pools have a very limited amount of space available so perhaps plan for events and games outside the pool area.


Some locations severely limit the use of any type of camera at their facility. Possibly the observance of this August Play Day event will encourage some facilities to exempt the enforcement of these policies on this particular occasion. We want everyone to fully enjoy themselves when honoring this new holiday!


The waterfront location encourages those who meet for the very first time on that day to not only become better acquainted but to explore their romantic compatibility as the natural sunlight diminishes near the end of the day. A relaxing day of fun and clothes freedom without the anguish and anxiety of purchasing something new to wear in order to “dress for success.” A day for all of us to be content in being just who we are!


Of course, there are an unlimited number of us who are equally pleased to having a day devoted to our own purpose of being bare outside and the freedom to be ourselves while enjoying the sun. No concerns, no hassles, no problems and no worries. Who could ask for a better time than a yearly celebration of August Play Day?  A time for all of us to either be ourselves among friends or alone.

This day would be a welcome addition to the August calendar and probably bring the month itself to the forefront of annual festivities. Its popularity could surpass even the Christmas and New Year’s combined. A very justified climax to the serious lack of any notable occasion for the month of August!

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride


Author’s Note: This posting is a fantasy. There is no way that the universal “powers that be” would ever implement such an occasion anywhere on this planet. That is one of the many reasons this entry was labelled as a “fantasy.” 


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A same gender loving (gay) bare practitioner (nudist) who invites you to explore my blog. At times I may appear irreverent but I am in no way irrelevant!

4 thoughts on “August Play Day!”

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  2. Being raised nudist – in a 3rd generation nudist liberal family environment. I was raised by a nudist Dad and we have always lived naked together as much as possible. Dad’s belief/ideals is the Body Freedom idea as away o live. I feel vey spoiled being able to live so openly liberally naked in freeing manner. I feel blessed to have such a close nudist father/son full of pleasures for us both.
    We share in your sentiments to have “Naked Play Dates” in August — we wish everyone had the opportunity to live every day free of all constrictions of wearing clothing. It is learning to be exposed and openly publicly naked for all to see, for all to share. There are National Nude Beach Days that Dad was involved with Lee Baxendall who began the “N Magazine” – Dad gathered nudist info for his group in Wisconsin. But, everyone — if your enjoying home nudism — get you naked butts outdoors and have joyful fun in the sun and like mentioned in article last afternoons get acquainted with a fellow nudist and pleasure each other as we do at the end of a day naked outdoors. Peace to all.
    Naked Johnny and Naked Deryck (nudist Dad)

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