Reflections: August, 2019

For all of us who live in the Northern Hemisphere, this month marks the final full month of the summer. For those who happen to reside in the Southern Hemisphere, the exact opposite is the case as their winter is almost at the end. All around our world, a change is everywhere “in the air.” One geographic area prepares to bid farewell to summer as the other prepares to welcome the arrival of spring!


This trip home to Greece last week proved itself to be both beneficial and helpful in a most unusual and unexpected way – for both Aaron and myself. The summer has always been my absolutely favorite time of every year for as long as I can remember. The heat, the humidity and the sunshine has never deterred my enjoyment of being clothes free and outside, all at the same time! If nothing else, it has encouraged and enhanced this particular season as my own special treasure!

Then, upon the arrival of my spouse, Aaron, into my life I discovered that I was indeed not the only person to feel this way. He is equally enthusiastic about this special season as much as I am. This reality brought us even closer together than what either one of us ever hoped for or imagined possible!

While we were at Mom’s last week, I had an urge to visit my father’s grave. This was, after all, my very first summer and my first month of August without my father being alive. I wanted to take advantage of the fact that I was at the site of my father’s burial and at least be as “close” to him as humanly possible.


Aaron and I drove to the cemetery Monday morning, just before leaving for the airport. He waited in the car while I got out and walked over to Pop’s grave. Once I got to the gravesite, I became too overcome with emotion. I began seriously crying, an experience I haven’t felt since before Pop died. The tears and the anguish simply wouldn’t stop and soon I found myself on my knees in complete misery.

I sobbed until I was exhausted. My stomach felt as though it were in knots and I was gasping for breaths. It was then that I felt the presence of someone over me and I turned to find Aaron kneeling behind me and saw the tears on his cheeks. Once we made eye contact, he embraced me and held me tightly in his arms.

Once I recovered from being overwhelmed in grief, I immediately experienced a feeling of calm and peace. I know that their is a process that we deal with in accepting death and loss. I just simply didn’t expect it to take almost nine months after my father’s death for it to absorb me.

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride


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2 thoughts on “Reflections: August, 2019”

  1. I don’t know if we ever get over the feeling completely. It’s been 13 years (tomorrow) since mama left us but i still get really emotional just thinking about what would have been had she been here

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    1. I agree that we will probably always feel the emotional attachment. I was just totally unprepared for the unexpected outburst and intense grief. However, life does go on until my turn to die. Thanks for your comment, my Kenyan brother! 😉


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