Summer Skinny-Dipping Bromance!

First, a very gentle reminder of the meanings of a few of the terms used in the title. “Summer” refers to a season of the year and shouldn’t need any additional explanation. “Skinny-dipping” is nothing more than swimming without a swimsuit or completely bare. “Bromance” is used as a colloquial combination for “love” (bro = brother = male; romance = love). The purpose of this posting entry is to offer insight on same gender love between two men.

When two men meet for the very first time, whether it is skinny-dipping (swimming naked) or otherwise, their shared nudity is often enough all that’s necessary for them to explore and develop into a new friendship. The fact that they are both comfortable while bare sets them apart from the overwhelming majority of other persons they may meet. 


Aaron and Roger are two men equally in love with one another. Their bromance began at an outdoor clothes-free event when they first laid eyes on one another. It was an outdoor pool party and they were both completely nude, having already discarded their clothing upon arrival.


Their mutual physical attraction to one another was immediate. Because they were both naked, they were assured that what caught their eye of the other’s body would probably not create any discomfort or surprise if they became more familiar, at least, not in the physical sense.

Nudity itself encourages people to be more honest and more trusting with one another. For one thing, bare bodies, free from the concealment of clothes, causes individuals to discard any ability or desire to “hide behind or underneath” their clothing.  


Aaron and Roger both realized that their sharing of their nudity and their joy of skinny-dipping offered them two steps toward building a stronger friendship. It also assured them both that as the gathering was solely focused on same gender loving men, that perhaps this could lead into a serious relationship for them both.


Aaron and Roger devoted their time together at the pool party almost exclusively to one another. This quickly caught the attention of other guests at this social nudity gathering as it caused their unusual absence from the interactions with others. It became obvious to their friends that something was possibly happening between the two.

When two bare strangers meet together for the first time, their focus can often be onto building a friendship based solely on their camaraderie and their freedom of being themselves. Flirtations and games frequently become unnecessary and useless and their concentration is on themselves and what they have in common.  


The two men had no misgivings about being sincere with one another. They even became comfortable in establishing a shared bond of intimacy that would take others, especially clothed, a longer time to create. Knowing that they were both comfortable in being themselves overcame obstacles often faced by others.


The more time that Aaron and Roger spent together that first evening that they met, the more intrigued they became with one another. Even though they were total strangers when they met, the unfamiliarity very quickly faded away as their respective confidences increased.

For many unaware of the benefits of being a bare practitioner often provide, it sometimes is difficult to convey to them the joy and pride that two nude men can establish between one another as they examine and explore their journey towards their clothes free existence. 


As the evening progressed, both men felt the establishment of a firm bond between them and the distinct possibility that it could develop into a more concrete and lasting relationship. When they shared this reality with one another, they both felt it was good to explore it further than just one evening together. Both were silently curious as to precisely how far this new adventure would go.


As the social nudity gathering began to approach the end of the evening, they agreed to carry this gathering further into the immediate future. Aaron inquired of Roger if he would like to visit his apartment after the pool party was over. Without blinking an eye, Roger enthusiastically and instantly agreed! There was no need to put an end to what was making them both grow fonder with each other.

Sometimes, relationships, either bromantic or platonic, that begin in the comfort of both freedom and nudity can evolve into a relationship that is very special for both parties. It creates a dynamic duo that often defies human assumption and expectation. 


What began that evening in late May of that year proved itself to be of a lasting consequence for both Aaron and Roger. It fulfilled dreams and hopes that neither one had ever imagined possible. They eventually became wedded spouses and moved together into a future that included them both – together.

Author’s note: This post shares the joint memories and recollections of both Aaron and Roger in regular typesetting along with photographs found on the internet. The accompanying captions written in italics typeset contain impressions from several bare practitioners who are mutual friends of both Aaron and Roger. The publishing of this post entry is to share with readers the origins of the couple.

Mixed Race Gay Couple --- Image by © Illustration Works/Corbis

Naked hugs!

Roger and Aaron

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  2. I was at a bar yesterday that regularly hosts nude events and talking to the (straight) bartender he said that he doesn’t get why some wanna go fully nude (underwear is possible too) and I gave him a small lecture on how being nude makes you feel free 🙂 Thanks for the reminder of living this lifestyle when possible!

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