Photo-blog: GLBTQ Bare History Month Friday #1

Welcome to the 2019 Photo-blog: GLBTQ Bare History Month Friday initial posting, the first of this series. There are many opportunities to offer images and scenes of a large number of GLBTQ bare practitioners here on ReNude Pride, so it makes perfect sense to me to devote the month of October to feature images from the recent past to prove to us all that our community has been both alive and thriving for awhile now!

The opening photograph today shows up two proud men exhibiting both their strength and skills and most importantly, their bare bodies! There is no date to this image, but judging from the hair styles, the time frame is probably the early 1960’s, prior to the international emergence of The Beatles into the historical hall of fame!


The above photograph is of David, a Deaf man in the backyard at his home in southern Florida. This picture was identified by a classmate of mine at my undergraduate university. His uncle knew this man personally and knew for a fact that he was bisexual – attracted to members of both genders. The image was developed from negative into picture in 1964. This man and my classmate’s uncle were students together at the Florida School for the Deaf. My friend’s uncle died without revealing any other information on this individual.


The photo above is of a male swim team and identifies the team members by name. The approximate date of the picture is probably very late 1940’s or the early 1950’s, judging by the men’s hair length and style. Men’s swimming teams, both posing and swimming,  without swimsuits was still popular and practiced up until the middle of the 1950’s. There is no information available on the location of the team or their habitat.


The above image is probably from the late 1940’s. At this time, swimsuits were mandatory for women but still highly optional for men. They didn’t become popular for men until almost a decade later but even past the 1950’s, men continued to exercise the option of swimming without wearing a swimsuit. No information is available on the sexual preference of any of the men.

Return next Friday for additional photos from our GLBTQ nude past!

Happy 2019 GLBTQ Nude History Month!

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride



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