Halloween, 2019: Body Painting

In preparation for the Halloween date, October 31, here’s a suggestion for all of those who feel the uncontrollable urge to disguise themselves. Simply use body paint to adorn your body and conceal your identity. It doesn’t involve a costume and is relatively easy for most bare practitioners to enjoy. Our man above simply used black body paint to place a Halloween pumpkin face on his buttocks. How appropriate!

The design of the image that someone wants displayed on their skin can be as abstract or as detailed as they are comfortable (and talented) to provide. Personally, even though I prefer very detailed and distinctive body painted design, I don’t have either the patience or the skills to create such. Therefore, I resort to a more abstract or “accidental” artwork. The less to confuse myself!

It is important that we not expect perfection in body painting. Skin is very versatile and few, if any, of us maintain the same tension in our skin throughout an extended period of time. What may initially appear as perfect by the end of a social event may look somewhat less than ideal.


For those who are infinitely more artistic and talented, such as Aaron, my spouse, the more elaborate design is definitely appropriate. For Aaron, it is also less time consuming and always more interesting than my rather boring and tedious creations!


It is always advisable for “first time” body painting to apply a very small amount of body paint to a convenient area of your skin. This application allows you to test whether your skin is compatible with the body paint and to check for any allergic reaction. This testing should be done well before the scheduled Halloween event.

If you have an artistic bare practitioner friend, you may want to ask if they would help you paint your body. If you are doing this route, always make a sketch of what you want to look like and ask them for their suggestions and/or recommendations. A second opinion often is the best to consider.


Before applying the design, thoroughly clean both the body and face. Skin pores need to be opened (extra warm water or hot water serves this purpose) and exfoliated. Be certain to rinse off all soap and any soapy residue. Keep in mind that facial skin is more delicate and sensitive than body skin.

Once skin is completely dry, follow-up skin preparation by applying a light skin moisturizer – one that is easily absorbed into the layers of skin – all over your body. Remember, the skin needs to breathe, too! A heavy lotion should be avoided. You don’t want to be so slippery or greasy that the body paint moves around (is runny) and doesn’t adhere to the skin surface. Allow time for the moisturizer to be absorbed into the outer layers of the skin – at least 20 minutes.


There is no universally accepted practice in body painting design. Be as creative and as innovative as talent and time permit. Most Halloween event-goers who are also bare practitioners (and those who aren’t) are often impressed with anyone who is able to attend a clothing optional social gathering and practice clothes freedom simultaneously. Having a custom decorated disguise for Halloween is alone a triumph!

At the end of the social event, the use of skin moisturizer prior to using body paint ensures an almost effortless cleansing of the decoration. A shower and a mild soap is generally all that is necessary before retiring for the evening, alone or with a special guest!

Body painting a disguise over one’s skin, in my opinion, is affording us the opportunity to double our sense of celebration and fun for Halloween. The pleasure begins with the preparation of ourselves, the actual painting of our bodies and then the festivities for the occasion. Who can ask for more enjoyment than that? Also, it eliminates the totally unnecessary costume that almost everyone else needlessly wears!

Happy Halloween!

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride



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