USA: November Time Change

The first Sunday in November, (this year, November 3) annually, marks the end of Daylight Savings Time (DST) and the return to standard time in the USA. This timing event heralds the end to the seasonal adjustment for more daylight hours and returns us to the barren sequence of timing that brings us to a time of winter. The colder outdoor temperatures encourage the majority of us to spend more time inside with the coziness of warmth.


Accordingly, at the hour of 2:00 a.m. on Sunday, November 3, 2019, the time officially reverts to 1:00 a.m. Many view this simply in terms of gaining an hour worth of sleep although that is for many a myth. Most of our internal “body” clocks continue to operate on the same routine, no matter what time is indicated on clocks or watches. Our bodies are concerned primarily with our regular sleep patterns and not the abstract concept of time.


As for daylight savings time, the first nations to universally adopt DST were the German Empire and Austria-Hungary on April 30, 1916 – during the Great War or World War I. The measure was implemented as a means to conserve coal supplies during wartime. Great Britain and its allies soon followed suit. The concept was to prolong the availability of natural daylight, particularly as a defense against the bombings of industrial targets by the air battalions of the warring powers.


It really makes no difference as to when you reset the time on your device. My spouse, Aaron, and I change our time before we go to bed in the night, no matter the time. The following morning is always a Sunday so regardless of what our plans are for the day, we awake aware of the current time. There’s no need to rush around to get ready for whatever the day holds for us!

Remember to change your time! Have fun with the reduced daylight hours!

Naked hugs!

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6 thoughts on “USA: November Time Change”

    1. Actually, I don’t think anything is really being saved. The hours of daylight are simply later when DST is in effect. It is nicer to have longer periods of daytime after a full day of work! 🙂 Naked hugs!


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