Holiday Week Schedule

This upcoming Thursday is the Thanksgiving holiday here in the USA. Legend has it that the early British settlers here held a shared feast with the Native Americans (indigenous people) in either the Massachusetts Bay Colony or here in Virginia. This shared meal was an early attempt to thank the indigenous people for their assistance in securing a fruitful and successful harvest. Little else is known or understood about the origins.


Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday that is rapidly evolving into an occasion that is unlike its legendary origins. It has now become a day away from work unless you’re employed in the retail sales industry – the day has now become the traditional start of the annual winter holiday shopping and many of the larger department stores as well as local shops are open and competing for business.

The holiday that began as a gesture of gratitude has now become a astronomical day of greed and bustling business. How much longer it remains a national holiday is yet to be determined.


The death of my father last year prevented both Aaron, my spouse, and I from observing a customary Thanksgiving meal as we have done in the past. We had barely gotten off the plane from the funeral trip to Greece before the holiday was upon us. Neither one of us were in the mood to enjoy any type of festivity at that point.

No one was offended by our decision to simply forego the Thanksgiving customs. The fast deterioration of the holiday itself probably was realized by our social friends and our grief was fully understood by all of Aaron’s family.


This year, the both of us are anticipating a better holiday than last year. We’re leaving this Wednesday morning to spend the entire weekend with Aaron’s parents and the rest of his family. It will be nice to have a relaxing time without having a worry about doing any shopping and just spending quality time together!

Towards this end, I am somewhat abbreviating my weekly routine of posts on both Monday and Friday of every week. The next post here, Friday, November 29, 2019, will be the Bottoms-Up! post for the end of this month – this upcoming Sunday, December 1, is World AIDS Day and will feature a post for that occasion.

To all of you, happy times!

Naked hugs!

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