Black Friday

Here in the USA, today is the day after the annual Thursday Thanksgiving Day holiday. For quite a number of years, this day was always the start of the traditional winter holiday shopping season. This habit became so much the custom that that most retail businesses have adopted a nickname or pet name for the day following the Thanksgiving observance: “Black Friday” – even though there is nothing black whatsoever about the date.

For Aaron, my spouse, and myself, we’ve eliminated this day and the usual activity – shopping – off our calendar and off our list of “things-to-do.” Why bother with the hassle and stress of putting on clothing and then combating the traffic to go to a shopping mall and then have to fight the crowds?


Like most bare practitioners (naturist or nudist), any shopping that we absolutely must do is better done at home and online. There’s no reason to wear even a single thread of clothing and there’s no vehicle congestion to test our patience.

Plus, Aaron avoids the Black Friday shopper stereotype. As he is of African-Canadian descent, he’s essentially black all seven days of the week. He has no cause to deny his blackness on the six remaining weekdays!

Additionally, the only gift shopping we have to do is for our pet Siberian Husky canine, Mystic. She is totally pleased with whatever we buy for her and for whenever it arrives. Mystic enjoys her winter holidays every day of the entire year!

As this year we are spending our Thanksgiving time with Aaron’s family, we’re completely bare when we are in our bedroom (Aaron’s old bedroom) while we are at his parents. We have my laptop with us to ensure Mystic an ample supply of winter holiday surprises!

Aaron’s mother and sisters are planning to visit the local shopping centers for their “Black Friday” bargains. His father and his sons-in-law are planning a day of buying new outdoor barbecue grills for next summer’s picnic feasts.

That leaves Aaron and I in his parent’s home along with his older brother, who is an openly bisexual bare practitioner. None of the three of us have to waste any energy over the concern “What do we need to wear today?” Fleece sweatpants and a sweatshirt will be fine and convenient for us to put on when the others return.

After Aaron finishes his online shopping for Mystic, he and his brother both want to proofread my Sunday post for World AIDS Day here on ReNude Pride. They’ll also have the chance to preview tomorrow’s post, Bottoms-Up! End of November, 2019.

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride


Mixed Race Gay Couple --- Image by © Illustration Works/Corbis


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A same gender loving (gay) bare practitioner (nudist) who invites you to explore my blog. At times I may appear irreverent but I am in no way irrelevant!

5 thoughts on “Black Friday”

  1. You do know that the day is so-called because many retailers’ books run in the red until this date when sales push the ledger into the black ink, i.e. profit side of business? Nothing racial about it.

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  3. Dear Sir This White Friday , not Black Friday , Because Dear Sir White Friday in your Life and in your Work Forever my Dear Sir , and I hope for you Dear Sir White Life and White Work in 2020 Forever my Dear Sir with Succeed with Progress in your Life and in your Work in 2020 Forever my Dear Sir …..

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