I Miss President Obama!

This month, almost exactly the same day, President Barack Obama was retired from his office as chief executive of the United States. After eight years as this country’s leader, his term limit of eight years (two four-year terms) was officially over. Funny, but his length of service seemed to have flown by beyond the speed of light. Of course, we all know too much about the fool who replaced him.


I was deeply saddened to see President Obama retire from office. Like many others who live in this country, I was truly angered over his successor in the political position. I did not vote for the person who followed in his footsteps nor did I even bother to waste my time reading or viewing any of that inauguration ceremony, even though I wanted to see as much of President and Mrs. Obama as possible. I didn’t have the stomach to even catch a unwanted glimpse of someone in whom I had no confidence whatsoever.

The election campaign to allow the voters to choose who came after President Obama was one of the worst in recent years. One of the political broadcasts featured an array of live images of the current leader publicly ridiculing all persons with differing abilities. This broadcast convinced me that individual, with so much disrespect and hatred in his heart, had no business even hoping to capture a political office. As a Deaf man, I had no reason to even tolerate such a public fool.


Such disdain for a group of the American population by someone aspiring for public office is inexcusable and completely unacceptable. Not only did his public utterance of and ridicule of this select population set a precedent for other aspiring politicians, but it was in direct conflict with the policies and purpose of the federal ADA (Americans With Differing Abilities Act). Ever since his own political party broadcast that behavior repeatedly during the 2016 election, there has been no apology nor denial of the impact.

Under Obama’s presidency, we all had complete confidence in his administration and his ability to “get the job done.” He had the obvious honesty, integrity, knowledge and sincerity to present the best of leadership to not only the citizens here but to everyone else living around the world. He represented a goodness that made us confident and proud for having elected him as our leader.


Unlike his successor, President Obama encouraged different strategies to accomplish his goals and outwardly welcomed all people to his side, irregardless of their ethnicity or race, gender or background, religion or their level of education. He applauded everyone equally based on their abilities, achievements and most importantly of all, their humanity.

When he delivered a speech, no matter the occasion, he spoke the truth. President Obama was not interested in deception or lies. He wasted no time on dwelling on falsehoods or the negativity of others. He worked diligently in creating both hope for us all and emphasizing the positive aspects available to us all.


He championed the benefits of living life to its fullest and overcoming adversity. One of he greatest legacies of his presidency is the example that he shared with everyone of us: the basic goodness of the human spirit.

Completely the opposite of his successor.

Thank you, Mr. Barack Hussein Obama! I miss you immensely!

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride




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