Office Restoration

Author’s Note: As a preface to this posting entry, please read here. After almost two full weeks of cleaning, restoration and “drying-out” I was notified today that my regular office at my university is now ready for me to return. The projected completion date was estimated to be around the beginning of February. I am in no way disheartened over the brevity of the wait – nor are any of my professional colleagues!



The flooding was caused by a breaking water pipe that managed to submerge all the flooring along my wing of the building. As the water-pipes are located between the floor on my level and the ceiling of the floor below, no intentional sabotage is under suspicion. It is seen as an inevitable result of use and deterioration of the pipes themselves. Regular “wear and tear” was the phrase used by one of the contractors hired to work on the restoration project.

The return to my office space translates as a return to normalcy. This early into the new semester, it is a welcome event but not without some concerns. One of the major drawbacks was expressed by one of my coworkers yesterday afternoon. Given the speed of the work involved, his issue was regarding how long will the replacement pipes last? This isn’t something that we want repeated very soon – if, at all!

The same colleague, aware of my preferences as a bare practitioner (naturist or nudist), inquired if I had been tempted to skinny-dip while salvaging usable materials from my flooded office space. Given the enormity of the rescue efforts, and the early morning hours, I didn’t appreciate his attempt at humor until much later. To be honest, I never even entertained the notion of skinny-dipping in the mess that I was dealing with!

This weekend I and others will be spending time at work, in our restored office space, returning our salvaged material back into a workable environment. We need to get this done before the beginning of a new week of classes on Monday. This should be a wonderful amount of “fun” on my weekend freedom!

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride



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