Bare Vintage Gallery #2

Flexing his chest!

Today’s theme: Bare Vintage Gallery #2: Double or Duo!


This presentation showcases photographs, all vintage of two men, demonstrating their comfort and pleasure in being bare together. This obviously provides us all the opportunity to compare same gender loving men both today and in year’s past!

J. C. Carter (right) a renown same gender loving actor.

The above picture features the openly gay actor known as J. C. Carter, from Chicago, Illinois. “J. C.” appeared in a number of gay pornographic films and had no qualms about being completely “out” of the closet! He retired from the industry in the early 1990’s. The above picture was taken as his career was just getting started – he had not yet begun shaving his chest, head and pubic hair – and his muscles were underdeveloped. I am uncertain as to identity of his accomplice in this image.

These two men proudly share a kiss in the late 1950s!

The duo above kissed during the early-to-middle 1950’s!

In the two pictures posted above leave no doubt in anyone’s mind that the men involved were obviously attracted to one another. The body language assures us of this reality. In both images, one partner has his hands resting on his partner’s buttocks. This familiarity doesn’t common natural to strangers!

The above male couple together during the early 1950’s!

I have no information on the identities of the male couple featured in the above photo. However, they appear totally comfortable together as this is not the only image of them together – and in the photographs below their bare comfort isn’t the sole confirming indicator of their affection for one another!

The same couple in a late 1950’s pose.

Here again they appear in the late 1950’s.

Depicted above embracing and kissing in the late 1950’s.

The three featured photographs above show the same couple, no longer seated on a bench together but now physically embracing one another. In the last image, they are engaging in a kiss. The timeline let’s us know that a kiss indicates more than just friendship!

Our couple together in the middle 1950’s.

Our “dynamic duo” above from a picture with the year 1955 written on the back of it. Here, they have no reluctance in physical interplay between themselves! It does leave us with at least one unanswered question: “How long were they together?” I salute these proud bare practitioners for their courage in being themselves when the world beyond was often intolerant!

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride

Author’s Note: The next posting here is planned for Sunday, February 14, 2021, and the proposed topic is related to Valentine’s Day!

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