Friday #1: Bare GLBTQ History Month

A mad and enthusiastic race to be the first man to skinny-dip (swim naked) in the inviting ocean is the 2018 featured image to headline this year’s Bare GLBTQ History Month series during October here at ReNude Pride.  The headline image for the 2018 series of this feature is of a group of men, already stripped out of their clothes and racing to be the first to skinny-dip into the ocean. The last Friday of this month showcases photos of men skinny-dipping, either alone or with friends.

This week’s theme is Bare Buddies, two or more men sharing their nakedness with each other and with the camera. Here are guys being natural (bare) with each other in nature (environment). Please sit back and enjoy a glimpse back into yesterday…


This first photograph shows us a trio of bare teens doing what their age group does best – nothing productive! Seriously, they involved in a somewhat spontaneous set of antics either on a terrace or a patio (notice the shadows of shrubbery). The group appears to have just finished swimming as indicated by the glistening droplets of water on their bodies. Based on their wet hair, the style suggests early 1960’s. Considering the age of the teenagers in the above picture, they do show an amazing comfort level being in close physical contact.


The two men pictured above at least are acting in a more mature manner than the adolescents in the first photo. Judging on the muscle development the ages of these two young men are estimated between late teens to early twenties. Their hair styles date this picture as sometime in the early 1960’s also. Obviously they’re leaning against a rock outside. It isn’t often that we encounter older photos showing bare men in physical contact with one another unless they are gay or bisexual.


The above threesome are indoors, perhaps in some type of aquatics facility (indoor pool). Notice the water puddling at their feet. Muscle tone again suggests these as being older than the teens in the first picture above. The wet hair styles suggest either late 1950’s to early 1960’s. Notice the appropriate amount of space between the young men above.


The footwear styles rather than the hair styles of the triumvirate in the photograph immediately above suggest late 1950’s and the haircuts indicate about the same, the possibility of the early 1960’s as the latest date. These three men appear to be in their early to middle 20 year old. The body language between the three strongly suggests that all of them are definitely same gender loving or bisexual.


The couple above are obviously comfortable and relaxed being naked and physically intimate in front of both the camera and their photographer. The hair length and sideburns indicate the picture dates from the middle-to-late 1960’s. The age of the men appears to be in their twenties.

At their estimated ages and during these periods of time, it is extremely doubtful that men would appear to be that comfortable being totally bare and in that close proximity to each other. Keep in mind that all the above images were made in the pre-Stonewall years. Being bisexual or same gender loving (gay) was illegal almost everywhere.

Please keep in mind that the above age and dates are approximations based on the information contained in the accompanying photographs. The illustrations were obtained from the internet with no additional information aside from what you see. Aside from gauging the body language of the above men, there is no way of knowing with absolute certainty their sexual orientation.

Happy 2018 Bare GLBTQ History Month!

Naked hugs!

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