Pride And The Week That Was!

Tomorrow is Saturday and it is the day that my spouse’s (Aaron’s) cousin, Michael leaves us to return home to Canada. He hopes to be on the highway around 8:00 in the morning. He’s in no big hurry to return to his parent’s home for the remainder of this summer – he just wants to try his best to get away from the Washington, D.C., traffic before everyone else is travelling. I honestly appreciate his desire!

Before I write any more in this post, I should probably share with everyone that I don’t know if Michael plans to drive back home while naked. We’ve spent an enormous amount of time together this past week. Aaron, unfortunately, wasn’t able to take time off from his job so it was left to me to be his cousin’s “host” while he was on duty at hospital. We both, Michael and I, were able to interact with one another and enjoyed the time that we spent together.


The outdoor weather wasn’t that terrific here during the week. There was one day, Tuesday, when the sunshine and temperatures were perfect and Michael and I spent almost the entire day riverside, skinny-dipping and sunbathing bare. I must admit that he enjoys nature naked as much as my spouse and I do. On that particular day, Aaron was not scheduled to work after his weekly staff meeting and he joined us in and at the river midday.

Wednesday and Thursday, Michael and I rode the subway into Washington, D.C., and spent our time visiting the memorials located along the National Mall and then inside the Smithsonian Museums. We were able to tour the Lincoln and Jefferson and Martin Luther King, Jr. memorials and walked past the World War II and Washington monuments. The museum he most enjoyed was the Natural History one. The numerous exhibits there can easily entail a two-day visit.

Today, Michael wants to spend time in the District’s DuPont Circle neighborhood. This area is the traditional Washington gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer (GLBTQ) locale and he would like to see everything available there. He has some friends who’ve shared with him their experiences in this “hot spot.” We’re planning a relaxing lunch in one of the popular restaurants there.

Michael shared with me that he’s been open about his sexuality with his parents and siblings for the past two years. He hasn’t told them about his being a bare practitioner even though he doesn’t anticipate any judgment or harsh negative reaction. According to him, they all are aware that he’s usually completely nude when he’s in his bedroom.


The above logo I took from my blogging buddy, Martin Wilson, author of the site Ramblings of a Supposed Disease Free Mind. The logo was used in a post that he published this week, which I shared with my bare “cousin-in-law,” Michael. We were both  impressed with the posting and neither one of us had any idea that the plan is to hold a “straight” (heterosexual) this summer in New York City, USA.

The link below concerns this proposed event and those working to organize it. To visit Martin’s post by clicking the title:

The Whole ‘Straight Pride’ Silliness

Martin takes issue with the entire “straight pride” concept and the logo obviously sets the tone for his post as well as discussing the theories behind its origin. I encourage everyone to read the posting. It is quite fascinating and informative! I’m certain that this country’s super-negative and hateful president is a firm supporter of this undertaking! We should all be cognizant of the discrimination and hatred of those who’d like nothing better than return to the days of the past!

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride



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