Photo-blog: GLBTQ Bare History Month Friday #2

Today is the second installment of this series for Fridays during 2019 GLBTQ Bare History Month here on ReNude Pride. As a reminder, every Friday in October will have a post in celebration of  our same and dual (bisexual) gender loving community heritage in honor of our bare practitioners (naturists or nudists). This post’s “heading” photograph shows us a man posing his buttocks at a photographer’s studio in New York City in the year, 1900.


As the 20th Century progressed, not only did the art of photography improve but also the locations and settings for capturing images. The above photographer has no problems in sharing his nudity, he also enjoys the freedom of posing outside in a natural environment. This particular image is dated 1968, the year before the Stonewall Inn Riots that launched our community’s struggle for equality. The man posing as the photographer above was a sometime partner to the actual photographer who caught the image.


The muscular Alvin Law (above) posed for the photographer, Kris, in 1951. This photo was for a men’s fitness magazine that was widely popular with male same gender loving (gay) subscribers during this period. Alvin Law later was featured in early gay movies depicting romantic male encounters. Despite the accepted practice of segregation of the races during that era, fitness magazines and male movies showing affection weren’t as restrictive as the mainstream society in general.


The above picture features a multiracial team in an athletic locker room (changing room) during the summer association football (soccer) season in 1967. More than likely this image was posed as male nudity wasn’t acceptable for media publications at that time. The “DiB” logo in the upper left corner identifies the photo by a publishing company that produced a number of male fitness magazines which catered to predominantly same and dual gender loving readers.


This photo depicts a male couple holding hands. What’s unusual about this remarkable display of affection and comfort is the fact that this was taken in the 1920’s and outdoors, along a waterfront (lake or ocean), long before the labels “gay” or “same gender loving” came into use. The intimacy suggested between the two me was usually only captured on film inside a photographer’s private studio.


The final picture for this post today shows us two bare men, side by side, sharing in a conversation while sunbathing on a platform. Judging from the men’s hairstyles and the visual texture of the image, it probably dates from the late 1940’s to the early 1950’s. The black and white print in no way conceals the obvious tan-lines on both men’s buttocks!

Happy 2019 GLBTQ Bare History Month!

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride


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