Nudescapes: A Collection #2

As my initial nudescapes (nude + landscape = nudescape) post last month seemed to be very popular and enjoyed by many, I’ve decided to repeat the theme again this month offering a different collection of photographs and text. In fact, I plan to make it a regular feature here on ReNude Pride but only during the summer months. There simply aren’t enough landscapes that are aesthetically pleasing to me for me to provide the series throughout the entire year. So, sit back and enjoy the view. In case you missed the prior post, click the following title to read: Nudescapes: A Collection.

To all the readers and visitors who live in the Northern Hemisphere, let this serve as a reminder that you have only a few more weeks to get outside, become a bare practitioner (naturist/nudist) and appreciate the abundance of sunshine. To all who live in the Southern Hemisphere, hopefully this posting reminds you of the weather that will soon be yours to enjoy.


The contemporary custom of taking selfies (self-photography) has led to a proliferation of images on the internet that not only feature scenic background landscapes, but also some beautiful seascapes as well. More and more selfie photographers are increasingly aware of their surroundings and making pictures that offer more than just the inside of their homes. And many of the ones who continue to make selfies indoors are making sure that their rooms are organized and clutter-free. None of us wants the world to have the impression that we live in a pig-sty.

Technology has evolved to the point that most cameras have the capability of creating decent photos. Mobile telephones are almost universally used by everyone and now produce images that are identical to those from traditional cameras.


Not everyone appreciates a traditional landscape or seascape. There are those among us who prefer some diversity, such as an aquaticscape (aquatic + landscape). During the Summers, especially, pools offer an alternative for a natural background that is both appealing, colorful and interesting. The variations in the waves in the water on the above photograph attest to this as does the green flotation device. The nudity of all the subjects of a particular nudescape always enhances the images appeal to bare practitioners.

Most people identify with those they perceive as most like themselves. That’s the reason that I think nude photography has a multi-cultural appreciation. Under all of our layers upon layers of clothing, every human is naked. Our nudity reminds us all of our shared similarity, our humanity. Not everyone approves of nudity, but most people do not refuse to view a clothes-free body.


Not every nudescape is a selfie. There are numerous photos of bare subjects that are created using traditional cameras. The one above presents us with a view of a pristine beach with the ocean in the background. The same picture contains evidence that the human subject is a regular practicing naturist/nudist. Notice the tan-line around his waist and buttocks that lets us know that usually he wears a swimsuit when he’s at the beach. More than just nudity is often depicted in a nudescape. 


Similarly, the photograph of the man above contains evidence that he has been enjoying his day on the beach for awhile as opposed to being a recent arrival. Sand has already begun to stick to his body. If he accumulates more sand on his back and buttocks, he may be fined for beach erosion! If the old adage is true, then every picture tells 1,000 words – indeed!  Despite the apparent thickness and solidity of his body, he’s leaving a minimal footprint in the sand.

It is the month of August. In the Northern Hemisphere, that means our Summer is rapidly drawing to a close. That’s the reason for so many photographs in this post having aquatic themes. Water is the human way to escape the heat that this season brings.


The truth is that very few of us need to travel any further than our own back yards in order to make an ideal nudescape. Of course most of us don’t have grass as vibrant as the one in the photo above (my brother naked blogger, Albert, The Naked Artisan). Exotic locations are not a requirement for unique photos. The ordinary and commonplace (such as above) are often just as pleasing as any other. What may be appealing to one pair of eyes is usually appreciated by many others.


And then there are those pictures that capture the true background beauty, such as the one shown above. In it, we have the nudity of the subject, a man-made pool with the natural surroundings in the far background. One that combines all three elements and adds the reflection of the sun on the man’s shoulders, lower back and buttocks. It represents exactly what Summer is really about: the outdoors, relaxation, sunshine and nature.


While there are few weeks of this splendid season remaining, I’d like to encourage everyone to get outside a create a few nudescapes of your own. It only takes a few moments of planning beforehand and then actual photography. For those who may be overly modest, try the selfie method. For the braver souls, enlist the assistance of a friend and the use of a traditional camera.

During the winter, you’ll have a few mementoes of your wonderful Summer!


Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride

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A same gender loving (gay) bare practitioner (nudist) who invites you to explore my blog. At times I may appear irreverent but I am in no way irrelevant!

4 thoughts on “Nudescapes: A Collection #2”

  1. I just had a thought with this current and timely posting (for 8/14) that for myself and other men around the age of 70, with this newly developed creative combination of so many social topics and personal preferences of individuals; that it now being so new, in 25 or more years, it will be as common as “Bare Buttocks on the Beach”. At my age now and in a declining physical condition/shape, to be a part of this revealing revolution, even as a viewer only; that in itself is inspiring and I wish I could be around for that 25 years to come, to have more reasons to go to the (private) beaches. From Jer. Be Brave, Be Bold, Be Bare.

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