A Flight Home!

Many people of Greek birth or descent return to visit the homeland during the month of August. This tradition has been in existence since before my parents immigrated here in the late 1940’s. I’m not certain of the origins of this custom, I’m simply aware of it from the practice as well as my own personal experience. Also, what right do I have to question anyone’s desire for a good time and a decent party?

Today (Monday), Aaron and I will board a flight to Athens in order to spend a week with my mother and to see as much family as possible. I’m still on my summer semester break from teaching – classes resume at university the first Tuesday in September. Aaron is taking the week off from his job in order to accompany me and we look forward to a “anniversary dinner” with Mom, all my brothers and their spouses.

Our trip to my home this August has a very serious reason. We need to spend some quality time with my mother. Despite progress in dealing with her grief of my father’s death on November 10, 2018, she continues to experience feelings of loneliness and sadness. This is understandable and all my six brothers and their spouses who live nearby have been very attentive to her needs.

I need to actively do my own part in helping out with the situation. This week-long visit is our commitment to spending time with her, trying to cheer her up, and entertaining her as best we can. Fortunately, Aaron has a fantastic relationship with both of my parents and they both equally enjoyed his humor as well as his endless antics (and his culinary abilities). This trip allows us to contribute our efforts to lifting her spirits and to ease some of the pressure off of my brothers.


If the above challenge for this trip home isn’t enough, I do have Aaron, my spouse, to consider. He isn’t always comfortable flying. It isn’t as much the fear of an airline disaster as much as it is his severe claustrophobia. He hates the close confinement of an airline and the incessant inconvenience of tolerating the others on board the flight. We weren’t able to secure our customary accommodations for this particular trip and the prospect of the upcoming venture has already created a nervous reaction. I can hardly wait for us to become airbourne!

He does have a mild sedative that he can take to help ease his tension. However, he’s taken this prescription in the past and it does take some time in order for him to return to his normal self. Fortunately, my family is familiar with his claustrophobia and understands the situation. They have promised us that they have no intention of hosting our “anniversary dinner” until later in the week so that Aaron will be fully awake!

Of course, there are an ample collection of nieces and nephews for us to spend time with, as well as many cousins. Friday, August 23 of this year is the day of my mother’s older sister’s 95th birthday. We’re all eagerly awaiting celebrating this remarkable occasion! She and Aaron both enjoy their card games!

Mixed Race Gay Couple --- Image by © Illustration Works/Corbis


My trip home should not have any impact on ReNude Pride. I have already prepared my posts to publish here while we’re away. I just may not have the freedom to acknowledge those sites that I follow.

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride



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15 thoughts on “A Flight Home!”

  1. Have a happy and safe trip to your homeland. Enjoy your time with your mother, this is an important journey for bth you and Aaron. Your nudist friends give you their best.

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  3. Great photo shots traveling bare-assed naked. Truly the only way to go anywhere is ‘clothes-free’. I have gotten nude on long flights under the blankets and pleasured ourselves completely naked. Awesome feeling. Anyone else. We also drive naked my nudist Dad and I often. That is kick and turn-on driving completely naked with no clothes in car to cover up with, and outdoor sex is too awesome to explain!!! Try it fellow nudist men.

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  4. Were you actually able to be naked like that at a public airport? This is wonderful. If I were at the airport and saw such a wonderful sight, I wouldn’t be able to just walk by like nothing is unusual. I would HAVE to stop and get a long look at the marvelous sight.

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