Photo-Essay: Bare Black History Month

The purpose of this posting is to share images of same gender loving (bisexual or gay) African-American men featuring their appreciation of the bare practitioner lifestyle. ReNude Pride is focused on both bisexual and gay men and nudity, so this is an appropriate occasion to honor those men and celebrate our similarities in our lifestyles!

The three men depicted in the opening image of this post are all three of African-American heritage. Left to right, they are Robert Craig, Adrian Hart and Sean Zevran. Their happiness and pride in being Black, gay and nude is the reason for opening this photo-essay with them. They are all three contemporary actors in today’s gay pornographic industry. None have any embarrassment or shame in their choice of industry, their sexual orientation nor their enthusiasm in their nakedness! I salute all three of them for their same gender loving and bare pride!


The three gentlemen shown above obviously had no qualm in posing clothes free or in posing together in the above photograph. The date is not indicated but judging from their hairstyle it is either the late 1940’s or early 1950’s. Their footwear suggests the same time period although the man on the left is wearing sandals which remain popular and in similar style today.

The secondary purpose of this entry is to help document the story of naked comfort within the Black community. Although we have no means to verify the same gender loving status of the trio, their comfort in being totally naked and joined together indicates possible gay tendencies.


The couple featured in the above picture leave no doubt as to their comfort and delight in being both bare and in being together. The embrace and the kiss show their true feelings for one another. The fact that the man on the left has his pants pulled down below his waist and his partner is completely nude indicate same-sex comfort. The hairstyle is from the early 1960’s.


The photo above reinforces the ideal of African-American comfort and familiarity with being bare practitioners. They’re proudly together and proudly naked with no attempt of concealment. Their hairstyle suggests the 1950’s era and the location is indicative that skinny-dipping (swimming naked) wasn’t the reason they’re without clothes.


The hairstyles on the above duo depict the 1940’s era. The featured fishing rod let us know that water is nearby and that skinny-dipping is a possibility. Neither one has any discomfort in being photographed naked. They aren’t in any close proximity to each other so we’re unable to interpret any romantic involvement.

The two images shown above are both of the same man just posing differently. The publication that featured the photographs was from 1950, so the time period that he posed was probably late 1940’s. I featured him because of his professional model  status. If a magazine published pictures of a Black model, that clearly indicates that there was some fondness for such photos to even exist.


The above photograph is the last to be included with today’s photo-essay posting. It shows us two either bisexual or gay men embracing and exchanging a kiss. Obviously, they are both completely bare. The hairstyles suggest the early to middle 1960’s. This was long before my publishing of ReNude Pride, so I am unable to take any credit whatsoever as their inspiration.

Happy Black History Month!

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride



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