Photo-Essay: S’Naked Play!

“S’Naked” is a very simple description of just being bare (naked, nude) while outside in the snow (snow + naked = s’naked). The word is probably complete unlisted in the dictionaries of the English language. This is due in part to limited usage – not even all the naturist and nudist communities are familiar with the term. It is primarily referenced within the same gender loving (bisexual and gay) bare practitioner community.


To be completely honest, within the same gender loving bare practitioners, the word s’naked is rarely used. I never encountered the word until 2010 when a friend of mine, who lives in Massachusetts, USA, explained to me the meaning of the word. Initially, I thought of it as a northeast USA exclusive expression. After all, snow is a greater reality there than elsewhere in this country.

In January, 2010, I finally got the nerve to even contemplate going s’naked (although at the time I referred to it as “snow skinny dipping). When I emailed my Massachusetts buddy the opening photograph and the above two images, his response introduced me to the term, s’naked and I have referenced it ever since.


Despite of my life-long dread and hatred of the cold weather, and especially both the ice and snow, I have become quite an enthusiast about being s’naked. My goal is to express myself in this activity whenever the snow accumulation is both noticeable and lasting more than one day.


I have since learned that the popularity of s’naked is very divisive within the same gender loving bare practitioner community. The majority seem to be opposed to the idea of being nude in the snow. A sizable minority seem to enjoy the opportunity with an even smaller minority indicating an interest in trying it sometime in their lifetime.


The lack of obsession with the s’naked experience is fine with me. I prefer to be with family and friends in the snow as opposed to the crowded scenes one faces at the beaches during the summer season. The crowds provide too many distractions and often provide more opportunities for snowball fights!


There are many of us s’naked enthusiast bare practitioners who prefer a more relaxed and uncomplicated excursion in the snow than the battle for wintry domination! The majority of us are attracted to the reality of once again being nude in nature and of the sensation of being within a new environment. It enhances our appreciation of simply being clothes free!


A few considerations to offer to s’naked novices:

  1. Feel free to wear socks and boots. For many, the snow and cold feet provide too much discomfort to ignore.
  2. Be aware of your comfort in a snow setting. Don’t plan to be bare outside for an extended period of time. Allow yourself and your body the time to adjust to the cold.
  3. Being s’naked with friends is always an excellent opportunity to share the experience and all the fun.
  4. Be aware of weather forecasts. If additional snowfall is expected, have plans for relief from the temperature and the precipitation.

Have fun and enjoy being s’naked! 

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride


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A same gender loving (gay) bare practitioner (nudist) who invites you to explore my blog. At times I may appear irreverent but I am in no way irrelevant!

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