Presidential Skinny-Dipping, 2020!

Monday, February 17, was the USA President’s Day holiday. This is the day that honors all the presidents of this country and is the only federal holiday observed during February. In the past, a friend invites five or six same gender loving couples to his home so that we can all skinny-dip in his indoor pool in celebration of the holiday! The wearing of clothes is discouraged between the time of arrival and the time of departure!

Our friend, who hosts us annually, lives in the home built for his parents in the Northern Virginia countryside. His family inheritance allows him to entertain us during the time of the year when many of us are eager for an “out-of-season” skinny-dip and the freedom to be socially bare for a long weekend.


Even though all of the guests are bare practitioners, I have never known any of the couples to drive nude to his home. Everyone’s cars have heat but the outdoor weather just doesn’t seem to encourage naked driving. As it is a holiday weekend, there is always ample traffic on the roads. Too risky a temptation to even think about driving bare in order to arrive there. Road conditions vary and the chance of a auto mishap discourage the convenience for travelling bare. Plus, there is the reality of a clothes free three-day weekend of social nudity for us all!


In the northern Virginia area, by the time that the month of February arrives, the overwhelming majority of us bare practitioners welcome the opportunity to enjoy a complete break from the wintry conditions and the boredom that the season offers. My spouse, Aaron, and I are not close friends with any of the other same gender loving couples who are invited so the additional benefit of a new social nudity environment is always welcome.

Each guest couple is asked to provide a specific meal over the course of the weekend. Our host always provides the Friday evening meal and sandwiches for the Monday luncheon. The sandwiches allow for those who need extra departure time the option of a meal while driving home.

Aaron, my spouse, and I were assigned the Saturday morning breakfast. As is customary with us, Aaron prepared the food and I, due to my limited cooking ability, sliced the fresh fruit, set the table and helped wherever else my beloved indicated.


Skinny-dipping for all of us is amazing fun during the month of February. Enough time has passed since the freedom of swimming naked was last enjoyed during the summer and early autumn that the experience, alone, is a very special treat. The weather outside isn’t an issue so the chance to be socially naked with others in comfort enhances the pleasure. The aquatic antics that generally accompany the gathering make it fun for everyone!

Typically, the weekend passes all too soon. This year we did enjoy playing the board games on Friday evening and card games on Saturday evening. Sunday evening was devoted to several charades games. We managed the weekend without any major mishaps between the guest couples!

Last year, Aaron and I did not attend the presidential skinny-dipping social due to the death of my father in November, 2018. It was nice to be able to take advantage of the gathering this year. The only regrettable aspect of the 2020 event was the surprise meal of pizza for Saturday night! Neither my spouse or myself are very fond of the meal ourselves.


We may not like our current president, but the social weekend was entertaining and fun!

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride





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10 thoughts on “Presidential Skinny-Dipping, 2020!”

  1. My understanding is that if genitalia are not visible to passers-by there’s no problem. If you were to get out of your car nude, there’d be a problem.

    That said, last summer I did cross “naked road trip” off my naked bucket list 🙂

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